Hedyla Platform

All our solutions are available on our cloud platform

and you don't need to change your current systems

Diverse analytics

AI analysis using tailored algorithms to different use cases in logistics.​

Cloud access

Access your data securely at any time, anywhere and from all your devices.​

Automated decisions

Feed your current systems with the information provided by the platform.

Painless integration​

Ready to be integrated with any system. Quick set-up time. No service interruption.​

Relevant metrics

Clear and specific data to improve strategic decision making.​

Real time

Continuous information about operations, anomalies and alerts.​

How it works


data from your current systems including WMS, ERP, TMS and external sources


information with Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Big Data analytics


how to improve
your efficiency and
increase your margins

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Reduce your costs and improve your customer service


Boost your efficiency in intra-logistic operations and organization